Bitstarz – Tournaments

Tournaments at Bitstarz

At Bitstarz, players have the opportunity to participate in various tournaments, including slots tournaments and blackjack tournaments. These tournaments allow players to compete against each other for cash prizes while playing their favorite casino games. Below are the details About Bitstarz these tournaments and how players can participate:

Slots Tournaments:

1. Rules: Slots tournaments at Bitstarz are based on the cumulative amount wagered by players on specific slots games during a specified time frame. The goal is to have the highest amount wagered to achieve a top position on the tournament leaderboard.

2. Participation: Players are automatically enrolled in the tournament simply by playing the designated slot games during the tournament period. However, it is advisable to check the tournament page or promotional emails for specific instructions and eligibility criteria.

3. Cash Prizes: The top-ranking players on the tournament leaderboard are awarded cash prizes. The prize pool and the number of winners vary depending on the tournament. The prizes are usually credited to the winners’ Bitstarz accounts and can be withdrawn or used for further gameplay.

Bitstarz Blackjack Tournaments:

1. Rules: Blackjack tournaments at Bitstarz follow a different format compared to slots tournaments. Instead of focusing on cumulative wagering amount, these tournaments are usually structured as elimination rounds. Players compete against each other with the aim of having the highest chip count at the end of each round.

2. Participation: To participate in a blackjack tournament, players need to meet the eligibility requirements specified in the tournament description. Sometimes, players may need to opt-in or use specific Bitstarz Bonus codes to indicate their participation in the tournament.

3. Cash Prizes: The Bitstarz Winners of each round or the top players at the end of the tournament (depending on the tournament format) will receive cash prizes. Similar to slots tournaments, the prize pool and number of winners can vary. The cash prizes are generally added to the winners’ Bitstarz accounts and can be used for further gameplay or withdrawn.

In summary, by playing the specific Bitstarz Games mentioned in each tournament at Bitstarz, players are automatically enrolled and can compete with other players for cash prizes. Whether it’s Bitstarz Slots tournaments or blackjack tournaments, the rules and participation process may differ, but the objective is always to achieve a top position on the leaderboard and win enticing rewards.

Player's NameGameAmount WonDate Won

Geovanni Zemlak

Player from Belarus

The Real King Aloha Hawaii
5,799.70 USDApril 22, 2024

Katelin Hermiston

Player from Israel

Lord Of The Ocean Magic
3,837.80 USDApril 21, 2024

Dr. Devyn Koch

Player from Lithuania

Joker 5000 Wild
8,339.60 USDApril 21, 2024

Prof. Ezequiel Crona

Player from Micronesia

Sparkling Gems
6,975.00 USDApril 20, 2024

Cydney Block

Player from Panama

Tales Of Darkness Lunar Eclipse
1,544.10 USDApril 20, 2024

Katlyn Roob DVM

Player from Italy

Medusa 2
7,684.10 USDApril 20, 2024

Zander Bogan

Player from South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Beetle Mania Deluxe
7,959.90 USDApril 20, 2024

Hilda Windler

Player from Thailand

4,140.90 USDApril 20, 2024

Frank Kreiger

Player from United States Virgin Islands

Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe 6
5,294.50 USDApril 18, 2024

Mr. Mathias Greenfelder MD

Player from Montenegro

Emerald Isle
1,955.10 USDApril 17, 2024

Willa Von

Player from Netherlands Antilles

Simply Wild
9,306.30 USDApril 16, 2024

Prof. Johan Hickle DVM

Player from Wallis and Futuna

Power Stars
4,323.40 USDApril 14, 2024

Cole Renner

Player from Martinique

Arthurs Quest
9,667.90 USDApril 14, 2024

Prof. Walker Gulgowski PhD

Player from Guernsey

Changing Fate 40
6,233.90 USDApril 11, 2024

Khalil Kessler

Player from Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands

3,376.10 USDApril 11, 2024

Gunnar Stanton III

Player from Burkina Faso

9,001.80 USDApril 11, 2024

Mrs. Chasity Labadie

Player from Kazakhstan

Green Lantern
9,112.70 USDApril 10, 2024

Emory Tillman V

Player from Bahamas

Alchemists Secret
1,847.80 USDApril 10, 2024

Alvah Baumbach

Player from Philippines

All Ways Joker
5,669.40 USDApril 9, 2024

Mr. Zander Dooley

Player from Japan

Lucky Fortune Cat
3,619.80 USDApril 8, 2024